mSIS Security


mSIS is not a plug-in. The mSIS extension has no opportunity to compromise the browser.

mSIS is an extension for the Firefox and Tor browsers, which are the two most secure browsers available.

The Firefox and Tor browsers do not send any information concerning your research activity to a beneficial owner, or any other third party beneficiary.

Zero-day exploits; buy not using Internet Explorer, mSIS minimizes the risk of a 0-day exploit.


Qwarie cannot see any of your research activity or the evidence you gather. Qwarie has no access to a case bundle. No research activity or evidence gathered is sent to a Qwarie server.

The information that is passed to Qwarie is detailed in the Safety page.


The Firefox and Tor browsers do not leak information, though cookies a user might be obliged to allow will leak information. The browser might be set to delete all cookies at the end of the session.

Qwarie supplies a VPN service that does not log activity and the browsers accept a selection of agent switcher extensions.


Security from the point where evidence is gathered through to the judicial process.

All members of the mSIS family provide for hashing of all of the digital material gathered, and an audit log of all activity. In addition, mSIS LE and mSIS CVL, carry evidence security through to the end product, with all material, hash values and the audit log, saved to the case bundle.

mSIS LE hashes the Decision Log.


mSIS LE allows the user to apply a GSC setting, that might be: OFFICIAL, OFFICIAL Sensitive, SECRET and TOP SECRET.