mSIS Productivity

For the really experienced OSINT researcher, mSIS might have limited advantages as a research tool.

Neil Smith, Qwarie's highly experienced OSINT researcher, does not need mSIS for his research, but he does find the additional tools that mSIS provides, to be a great time-saver, with functions such as obtaining a social media account ID and auto composition of reports from his research. Neil finds that mSIS is essential to compile and maintain an audit trail of his online enquiries.

Neil originally conceived mSIS for less experienced researchers, that require a research process to follow, multiple and relevant resources to investigate and information about OSINT techniques, that are frequently changing.

mSIS Provides significant Productivity benefits for:

> Organisations that require a uniform process and report output.

> OSINT Researchers that would benefit from:

  • a guided research process
  • multiple tools to expedite the research process
  • access to current OSINT research resources
  • access to thousands of OSINT data sources
  • the ability to include and secure evidence from proprietary sources
  • auto-generated reporting
  • uniform case development
  • easy and secure editing of a report
  • end-to-end evidence security
  • distribution of a case bundle with no compromise of security

In days, mSIS can turn a new researcher into an effective researcher, which might otherwise take years!

For organisations that require an uniform process and output, mSIS delivers.