The Differences between mSIS Applications


What's the Difference between mSIS LE & mSIS CVL?

Short Answer: Disclosure & Sensitivity

Long Answer: mSIS LE complies with the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996. Material cannot be deleted and all unused material is disclosed

mSIS CVL complies with the Civil Procedure Act 1997. Material can be deleted from mSIS, and material is disclosed as required.

mSIS LE has the capacity to record sensitive material, so that in the default 'sensitive mode' all material marled as sensitive is redacted in the evidence report and excluded from the case bundle. Simply switch out of 'sensitive mode' to display material marked as sensitive in the evidence report, and include the evidence in the case bundle.
mSIS CVL  has no 'sensitive mode' capacity.


We want to bring a Public Prosecution!

We are not a Law Enforcement Agency, but we do want to bring a public prosecution. Should we use CVL or LE?

Short Answer: Use mSIS LE

Long Answer: A public prosecution has to meet the requirements of the Criminal Procedures and Investigations Act 1996. mSIS LE is compliant with the CPIA 1996, whereas mSIS CVL is compliant with the Civil Procedure Act 1997. If you are new to criminal prosecution, mSIS LE will keep you safe.


How does mSIS LE & CVL differ from mSIS Lite ?

Short Answer: POLE, Disclosure & Sensitivity

Long Answer: Both LE & CVL have the capacity to manage large investigations with multiple subjects and associates. LE and CVL structure investigations around the POLE model. (People Objects Locations Events). The complexity of processing a large investigation is simplified and guided, with the provision of multiple identifiers to ensure compliance with the POLE model.
Lite has no reliable Disclosure capacity, though it does possess some Disclosure capability. Do not rely on mSIS Lite if there might be a requirement to disclose information in compliance with the CPIA 1996 and the March 2015 revised Code of Practice
Lite has no capacity to record and distinguish sensitive material.


What is the difference between mSIS LEGAL & mSIS JUSTICE?

Short Answer: mSIS JUSTICE is read only. mSIS LEGAL allows for editing of the report.

Long Answer: mSIS JUSTICE is used to distribute the report and all of the evidence so that the reader can see the evidence and verify the source.

mSIS LEGAL allows for case preparation. Its not possible to apply new evidence, but the report which is logged and saved inside the case bundle, can be edited to display the pertinent evidence, which is stored inside the case bundle.


What's the Difference between mSIS Lite for Local and mSIS Lite for Cloud?

Short Answer: the price

Long Answer: There is no technical or functional difference between mSIS Lite for local and mSIS Lite for Cloud. The only difference is the price which differs because:-

For Local Desktop, the users are individuals and small businesses with a lower operational security mandate and budget than;

For Cloud Desktop, where the users are large corporates and public authorities, with a higher operational security mandate and budgetary capacity.

mSIS Lite for Local Desktop deployment  is free.

mSIS Lite for a Cloud Desktop deployment is £100/user account/ year (VAT not included). This price does not include any Cloud service, only the right to deploy mSIS Lite on a Cloud service.