mSIS Lite: for journalists and private investigators

A low cost, easy to adopt OSINT solution

  • GDPR compliant

  • Secured access controlled application

  • All evidence is logged and hashed

  • Audit Log

  • Decision Log

  • An Evidence Manager to organize and structure evidence

  • SMAT: Social Media Advanced Tools

  • A Research Doc in MS Word format, that is hashed

  • Option to create an evidential report

  • Option to easily move evidence to your organisation report template

  • Delivers a secure Case Bundle

mSIS Lite

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Video Tutorials

Firefox Settings and installing mSIS
The mSIS Sidebar
Signing in to mSIS Lite and explaining the Top Menu (Preference, User Guides & Changelog)
Starting to use mSIS Lite and explaining the Case Menu, mSIS OSINT Help, and the Case, Audit, Notes & Log tabs
Starting an mSIS Lite enquiry & conducting your first searches
Adding Information from Webpage to mSIS Lite Part 1 (covers taking a Screenshot, Archiving Webpages, using Text Boxes in the Evidence Manager and adding Attachments)
Adding Information from Webpage to mSIS Lite Part 2 (covers taking a Screenshot, using the Whois & Wayback Machine functions within mSIS Lite, Archiving Webpages a view Exif Data from online images)
The mSIS Case Bundle Explained
The active links in your mSIS Research Document and the mSIS Case Bundle

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