mSIS LE: for law enforcement and public authorities

A premium solution for law enforcement with disclosure capacity. Deployed on remote desktops in a cloud environment

  • CPIA 1996 & IPA 2016 compliant

  • LED &  DPA 2018 compliant

  • Secure access control

  • POLE Structured Investigations

  • Advanced Search Tools

  • Social Media Advanced Tools

  • Evidence logged and hashed

  • Expedited evidence management

  • Exportable Audit Log

  • Import & hash documents from any source

  • Warrant Storage

  • Decision Log

  • Deployment Log

  • Unused material management

  • Intelligence Grading (NIM 5x5x5, NIM 3x5x2, US Army & NATO)

  • Editable Research Report in PDF, which is hashed

  • Evidence Sheet in MS Word format, which is hashed

  • Secure Case Bundle

  • Disclosure Capacity

  • Access proprietary databases

  • Undisclosed Material Report

  • Sensitive Material Report

Extensive OSINT/III capability, with capacity to gather offline digital material

Compliant with the CPIA 1996, the IPA 2016 and the GDPR/LED

No material can be deleted, all unused material is reported

Sensitive material is appropriately recorded and it's distribution is restricted

Deploy mSIS LE to process any investigation, import evidence from any digital source.

screen with mSIS report front page

mSIS LE Training

mSIS has a set of 10 short mSIS CVL How-to videos, and 5 videos specific to mSIS LE, plus 3 mSIS LE training manuals for download.

Qwarie provides an mSIS LE Induction training at your premises.

Public trainings are available for any licensed mSIS user.

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