mSIS Core: for corporate research teams

A premium solution for corporates

  • GDPR compliant

  • Secure access control

  • SMAT: Social Media Advanced Tools

  • Advanced Search Tools

  • All evidence is logged and hashed

  • Expedited evidence management

  • Import & hash documents from any source

  • Audit log

  • Decision log

  • Research Report in PDF, which is hashed

  • Evidence Sheet in MS Word format, which is hashed

  • Easily move evidence to your organisation report template

  • Delivers a secure Case Bundle

  • Access proprietary databases

mSIS Core is much more than just an OSINT research application.

mSIS Core is GDPR compliant with extensibility for inclusion of off-line digital material.

Deploy mSIS Core to process any investigation, import evidence from any digital source.


mSIS Core Training

mSIS Core has a set of 10 short How-to videos and 3 training manuals for download.

Qwarie provides an mSIS Core Induction training at your premises.

Public trainings are available for any licensed mSIS user.

Access mSIS Training Page

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