a research & reporting application for OSINT/i3
mSIS: a multi-Source Investigation Solution

A suite of investigation, reporting and presentation applications:

  • mSIS Core for Corporate Investigators
  • mSIS LE for Law Enforcement & Public Authorities
  • mSIS Lite for Journalists & Private Investigators
  • mSIS Edit for Legal Professionals
  • mSIS Read for the Court Service (Criminal & Civil)

mSIS Key Benefits

mSIS Key Research Features

  • Guided research with in-built OSINT tools
  • Social media advanced tools
  • Evidence saved to a dedicated & secure case bundle
  • File hashing & audit log
  • Auto-generated report with edit options
  • Dark Web research
Enhanced security with mSIS Cloud

What's New

Process Instagram Followers/Following

POLE Structured Investigations

MG Forms Inside the Case Bundle

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Improved Disclosure Feature

More Social Media Advanced Tools

Companies House API Integration